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Animal Planet Is Adding Fantasy Leagues For Puppy Bowl This Year



Entertainment Weekly – Animal Planet is adding celebrity guests and aww-inspiring twists to this year’s Puppy Bowl.The 10th anniversary of the network’s Super Bowl counter-programming cuteness-overload will feature guest appearances by two YouTube sensations — classic Internet fave Keyboard Cat and youthful millennial sensation Lil Bub. Puppy Bowl X is also introducing its first-ever fantasy draft, MVP interactive voting, and plans to display viewer fan photos via Instagram during the show. Here are our exclusive photos of the Puppy Bowl’s starting lineup.

Also planned for the Puppy Bowl:

– Fantasy Puppy League: Later this month at, the network will launch a fantasy draft, where fans can see profiles of all 66 players and create their team of competitors before the big game. On game day, you can keep track of how your players perform via stats on the screen (so in theory you could place a wager on Cici the German Shepard mix rather than, say, the Patriots).

– MVP interactive online voting: On game day you can vote for the top pups.

– Instragram interactivity: Viewers can send photos of their Puppy Bowl parties to Instagram for a chance to see themselves and their pets on TV in real time.


Forget about this Puppy Bowl fantasy league for a minute. Are you kidding me with having Keyboard Cat be the halftime entertainment? What a slap in the face to dogs everywhere. When are the Puppy Bowl people gonna get the memo? The reason this shit works is because people want to watch puppies. Nobody wants to watch cats just sit there and suck the life out of the stadium. They are ruining Puppy Bowl with this shit. If cats want to have their own show let them go play soccer and hiss at each other and be miserable somewhere else. Puppy Bowl is for dogs and people who enjoy life.  Keyboard Cat can go fuck himself that miserable fuck.

Now having said that if you don’t think I’m drafting Bach with my first pick you’re fucking nuts. I can tell by just looking at this dude that he is gonna be a madman out there. (CLICK HERE FOR ENTIRE 2014 Puppy Bowl Starting Lineups)

MY NUMBER 1 Pick – Bach