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It Took Victor Oladipo About Five Seconds To Make An Impact In His Season Debut

You knew Oladipo was going to be showered with love the second he step foot onto the court tonight, and when he checked in with 4 minutes left in the first quarter that's exactly what happened. That sound you hear is the sound of a fanbase that just got its franchise player back, a talent that could very well have them seriously competing for a top 3 seed. Over a year's worth of waiting and hoping the rehab went well all came out in that ovation. It's impossible to not be rooting for Oladipo no matter who you are a fan of. Shit, his return and impact makes things that much harder for the team I root for. Don't care. Oladipo is widely regarded as one of the nicest and most genuine players in the entire league and I hope he has nothing but perfect health and All Star production.

It took about five seconds for him to make an impact in this game

and so far the Pacers are off to a good start. I think we can all agree the league is better when talents like Oladipo are healthy and playing, now it's time to buckle up and see what sort of impact he can make on what is shaping up to be an extremely tight race down the stretch.