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You Can Now Dress Just Like A Popeyes Worker After They Launched Their Own Clothing Line

I'm 100% a Popeyes guy. Not a Popeyes guy that is only a Popeyes guy because of the sandwich. I'm also a reasonable Popeyes guy. I don't think it's significantly better than Chick-fil-A or anything like that. All that being said, this is a great business decision by Popeyes:

All the hype beasts are going to be wearing this look. I think that's what you call them, right? Hype beasts? You know the type that ironically wears a shirt but it's somehow fashionable? 

I bet I'll see one of those cool TikTok e-boys wearing these outfits before I know it. 

Who would've ever thought that dressing like a Popeyes worker would be cool. Not me. What a time to be alive.