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Hey, Want To Watch Ellen Adama Box Without A Bra On? Of Course You Do



Smokes have a lot of “fuck you hot” moves. Just things that they do to rub every ugly girls’ nose in the mud. Like wearing yoga pants as everyday clothes, wearing those Kelly Kapowski cut sweatshirts, or even something like nerd glasses that just scream, “Hey losers, you know how you hate your glasses? Look how fucking sexy I make them.” But, of all the fuck you hot moves, boxing in a loose-fitting belly shirt, braless, is the most diabolical of them all. Just “hey my tits are so perfect I can literally get in a fight and they’ll only fall out enough to give underboob boners. Oh did you notice my perfect stomach and crazy sexy tattoo, as well? Whoops, hadn’t thought of that.”



h/t tybarr3tt