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Tfue Bought A $3500 Custom Keyboard Because He’s Rich, You’re Poor

[Editor’s Note: This is another guest blog from prospective Gaming blogger, @UnfilteredNerd, who knows his stuff and then some. Go and give him a follow.]

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what’s known on the street as a “flex”.

There is absolutely no practical reason for this. Tfue will not gain any competitive advantage with this board over someone who paid $100-$150 for theirs (the typical asking price for a good gaming keyboard). In fact, over 90% of the total cost of this board has nothing to do with its actually functionality. That aluminum/stainless steel board with all the custom stamping and anodizing cost over $3000 alone. We all got into the wrong profession folks. Whoever is reading this that went to school for machining, you sir/ma’am are a goddamn genius.

But back to this Jake-Paul-lookin-ass and his luxury keyboard. This is like buying a Lamborghini instead of a Toyota Camry to drive to the nearest Whole Foods for milk and bread. It’s nothing more than a statement saying “I make so much fucking money playing video games that I don’t know what to do with it so I’m buying ridiculous shit.” I’m not judging; I’m simply stating facts.

I do find it absolutely hysterical though that the guy who built his keyboard has apparently “never heard of Fortnite”. Are you fucking kidding me? You are a custom keyboard builder that runs a Twitch channel and you haven’t heard of the most popular game in the world? “You can hack down materials and build a fort.” You are either a liar, or you are building these keyboards under the biggest fucking rock this world has ever seen. Get a clue.