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Young Dangler Crushes This On-Ice Performance Of "Thunderstruck", Deserves To Crush At Least 50 Post Game Juice Boxes

Imagine being the other team out there. You're sitting on the bench just watching this go down and you know for a fact you've already lost the game. Doesn't matter what the scoreboard says, it's over. Could be the 1st period, could be the final minute of regulation. All that matters is that this kid is absolutely dominating that sheet of ice and there's nothing anybody can do to take it away from him. 

And I'll tell you what--this kid can MOVE. Like the theatrics were great and everything but did you see the edge work going on here? Not a doubt in my mind that he's coming away with every loose puck in the corners. Not a doubt in my mind that after he's done rocking out to some AC/DC, he's dancing defenseman around the blueline and then stuffing the back of the net like a teddy bear. This kid earned every post-game juice box in the locker room. Shotgun that shit and stab the straw straight through the middle. Heck, I'd even let him have a soda or two. He's a star and deserves to party like one. 

Though I'll mention that he probably only has the rest of this season left to pull something like this off between whistles. Another year or so and the next time he steps out on the ice, he's gonna have 5 kids taking a run at him. Although the game is getting pretty soft these days and there's really no difference between this and the Storm Surge in Carolina, so maybe he'll be alright. Just gotta hope that Don Cherry never catches wind of this one. 

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