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'I Lost A Little Brother.' - Watch Shaq's Emotional Reflection On Kobe Bryant

Obviously tonight's Lakers/Clippers game was cancelled and the Inside the NBA guys on TNT are currently remembering Kobe. It's honestly been one of the tougher watches due to the relationships, Shaq and D. Wade had as teammates/competitors with Kobe and then just the NBA fraternity with Chuck and Kenny. That said, this was the first time Shaq has spoken on camera about the tragedy and it's one of the most emotional speeches I remember hearing. It's tough to watch, but I highly recommend watching as much of his speech as possible. Here's 3 minutes of him reflecting: 

Here's a bit more extended version too.: 

Sorry for the videos being broken up and different lengths, but I haven't been able to find the entire speech at once. I'll be updating the blog as much as possible when I can with it, because it was one of the deepest speeches I can remember. 

The entire Inside the NBA crew has shared stories and memories tonight about Kobe. I know it's tough, but I can't recommend listening to these guys if you can. They, especially Shaq who obviously had the rocky relationship with Kobe, focus on what's important. Making sure you live in the moment. Making a call to someone you're thinking about. Reaching out to people.