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Oregon Softball Is A Dark Horse Contender This Year Thanks To Their Center Fielder Who Has 200k+ Followers On TikTok

4 days ago, the preseason top 25 for the 2020 NCAA Softball season was released. First? Alabama....but that's not what this article is about. Who cares about the #1 team. We concern ourselves with dark horses here at Barstool and my #1 dark horse for the 2020 Softball season is #19 Oregon. 

What do I know about college softball, do you ask? Fair question. I went to Fordham University, home of the Fordham Rams Softball team who has won not 1....not 2....not 3...BUT 7 STRAIGHT A10 CHAMPIONSHIPS. I'm no expert on Pac 12 Softball, but I do know Haley Cruse is a returning star for the Oregon Ducks. She led the team in average and OBP in 2019. If softball had WAR, she'd lead the nation in WAR I'm pretty sure. 

Haley Cruse is more than just a softball player...she's a TikTok star with over 200k followers on the zoomer social media app:

Best of luck to Haley this season. Stay away from any advertisers. The NCAA is looking to suspend somebody because of TikTok. I hope it's not you. Would be awesome content though.