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Heroic Army Ranger Medics Pull Off Multiple Blood Transfusions.... IN THE MIDDLE OF A FIREFIGHT!

Such an insane story. Think about all the terrifying things going on around these guys. The fact they were able to stay calm and save multiple lives means they deserve as much recognition as possible. We're happy to give it to them. Jam packed show today. Give it a listen.

Round 1: Canadian military wants help taking out trash — in space. They’ve spent millions so far but they should have just asked us because we are very smart.

Round 2: The Navy is looking into a video that was released on porn hub which showed both Marines and Sailors in compromising positions which has gotta be horrifying for everyone who is on a ship.

Round 3: Two Army Ranger medics made history by performing a blood transfusion in the middle of a firefight. This round will include one of the craziest stories we’ve told in a long while.

Round 4: The VFW is demanding an apology from President Trump after remarks this week about traumatic brain injuries.

Round 5: VA’s hospital in Dallas went without a gynecologist for nearly two years, which seems like a big deal, so we should be treating that like it’s a big deal.

Round 6: Australian soldiers have been dispatched to help get the bushfires under control there and some got put on the best working party we’ve seen. No, it’s not oiling up Hugh Jackman. So we asked you what the best working party you’ve ever been on and once again, you all came through.