1.7 Million People Have Signed A Petition To Have Kobe Become The New NBA Logo

(source)--The target for the petition was originally 500,000 but it has now been raised to 3million due to the amount of signatures it has already garnered. 

'The support on this petition has been out of this WORLD. I want to deeply thank everybody who contributed through signing and donating to the petition. When I started this I didn't expect much to come out of it my goal was 100 signatures at best. 

'I hope with our effort that our dream does come true and we are able to see Kobe Bryant engraved into the NBA Logo. Let's continue to spread this petition out! And as Kobe would've said, 'Mamba out'.

Honestly, I don't hate this at all. I don't think it will ever happen, but if the NBA wanted to make a change, even if just for the rest of the year, that would be a pretty cool gesture. Kobe clearly impacted this generation of NBA player more than any other. He isn't the greatest of all-time, but neither was Jerry West. I am sure that people will argue for the Jordan Jumpman logo instead, but he would sue the NBA so fast if they tried to use that(RIP the Barstool Chicago Noah shirt circa 2013). There have been all sorts of tributes to Kobe across the NBA and beyond, but making him the logo for the rest of 2020 feels right and grand enough to me and seems like it should be an easy thing to do. I like the ball-handling version the best of the ones above, but if it were up to me the logo would be Kobe refusing to flinch when Matt Barnes pump faked the ball into his face. I don't know how you make a gif a logo, but that is what I would do. RIP

Here is the actual petition if you're interested.