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I Hope You All Find Something You Love One Day As Much As Brady Tkachuk Loves To Chuck Some Knucks

First off--try to say "Tkachuk chucked knucks" 5 times fast. Little Tuesday Tongue Twister there to get your morning going. 

Second off--Brady Tkachuk is such a little fucking prick and I mean that in the most endearing way imaginable. In no world should Brady Tkachuk be a guy who is always looking to find himself in a scrap in the NHL. He's a 4th overall pick. He just played in his first All Star Game. He could end this year as a 30-goal scorer. And he plays for a truly shit organization in Ottawa where it would be easy to not give a shit because clearly their owner doesn't. 

But Brady has that "sick son of a bitch" blood in his DNA. So if he has the chance to drop the mitts real quick and let a few overhand bombs fly?

This little shit head lives for it. First thing he thinks about when he wakes up in the morning is who can he fight today. Last thing he thinks about before he goes to bed at night is who can he fight tomorrow. Granted, PK isn't much of a fighter so it's not like he's going after whatever is considered a heavyweight in today's NHL. But PK is still one of the better skaters in the league and elite on his edges, so it's not like he's fighting a total tomato can out there. 

I have a feeling that Brady Tkachuk is way too ferda boys to ever request a trade out of Ottawa but my god, this kid deserves better than that organization. 

All Gary Bettman has to do is give Eugene Melnyk an ultimatum. Either he can sell the team or they need to trade Brady, whichever works best for him works best for the rest of us.