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Not Only Are NBA Players Honoring Kobe On The Court, But So Are Gamers Worldwide

I've been wanting to say something about Kobe's legacy, but it seems like everyone said it best. Just like everyone else, I've been catching all of the feelings from the videos and posts about Kobe these past couple of days. I was never a die-hard Kobe fan, but he was a part of my life. Growing up (at least for me), you were either a LeBron or Kobe fan. Whoever you didn't root for was the villain, but in which you still respected the hell out of. His shoes were worn all throughout my years in school, his name was yelled whenever someone posted up on a trashcan, and his name was brought up in any argument whether it was in the locker room, cafeteria, or classroom. He was always around me. 

It's been surreal seeing how this tragedy made the whole world freeze and look around. My Sunday consisted of sitting on my couch saying "wow" countless times, facetiming friends that were Kobe fanatics, and just talking through our emotions about what happened. One of my friends that I facetimed said something that stuck out to me about how unpredictable life is. He said, "You know, I've always wondered what it will be like when a great like Jordan, Larry Bird, or Magic Johnson passes away. They're getting up there in age. And before you know it, the last player you'd think of disappears before them". 

The clip from LosPollosTV is pretty amazing. The last time I remember seeing something like this on a video game was when Club Penguin was popular and Steve Irwin died. I remember playing Club Penguin (don't judge me) on the day Steve died and not even an hour after the news broke, every single user changed their penguin to the color green and spammed the chat with "RIP Steve". Watching these NBA 2K clips reminded me of that day and how Kobe impacted a hobby that I loved. Not basketball, but video games. Hell, I was playing COD yesterday and almost every clan tag was either KOBE, 8, or 24. The gaming world, the sports world, and the world itself is coming together in a way I've never seen before.

Even though it's 2 days after the event, it's still unreal. Make sure to text/call/facetime the people who mean the most to you at least once a day. I'm fortunate enough to contact my Mom everyday even though we are in different states. I know how much it means the world to her and now it means the world to me.


It does appear that not everyone is seeing completely eye-to-eye on the practices of honoring Kobe in 2K though.