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Tracy McGrady Talking About His Relationship With Kobe Is Some Heavy Stuff

There's been a lot of Kobe content to hit the internet/TV over the last 24 hours and in my opinion there can't be enough. It's one thing to view all this as a fan, a regular person that idolized a generational talent. It's another thing to hear from the people that knew him best and still idolized him but for wildly different reasons. Out of everything I've watched over the last 24 hours, and it's been pretty much everything, few hit as hard as TMac here. They basically entered the league at the same time both out of high school. Kobe in 1996 and TMac in 1997. Their career arc are pretty similar minus the whole title thing. It was fascinating to hear about their relationship and how it developed over the years. Losing touch during their primes but reconnecting over their kids and their love for basketball. Hearing TMac talk about him and Gigi was heart wrenching. 

Then the part about Kobe saying he wanted to die young? Shit. You feel that somewhere deep. I would imagine he said that when they were young and long before they had kids but man. 

But this clip also reminded me of the interview these two did together not too long ago. If you've never seen it, give that a watch too

you can see how close these two were. Two HOF legends shooting the shit was cool as hell to watch for everyone who grew up during their primes. Crazy.