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The NBA Has Decided To Postpone Tomorrow's Lakers/Clippers Game

As someone that was in favor of postponing the late afternoon/night games last night, I am all in favor of this move. A no brainer if you ask me so it's good to see the NBA take these steps. These guys aren't ready to play, and while everyone is dealing with this tragedy, lord knows the Lakers and Clippers are a different level. No need to rush it. I keep thinking back to Doc's press conference

that is not a dude who is ready to coach right now. Even if they don't end up postponing any other games, it feels right to make that call with this matchup.

There's good news here too. StubHub has already announced that 100% of the money from this game will be given to the Kobe & Vanessa Bryant Foundation

That's pretty awesome given how expensive those tickets are getting. This whole ordeal has to be uncharted waters for the league, but I think we can all agree they got this one right. Well done Adam Silver.