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Little Girl Freaks Out When She Learns That Her Baby Brother Is Going To Grow Up

Ever watch a 5 year old girl realize the harsh reality and inevitability of death? Well, now you have. Guess what babe? You don’t have to worry about dying at the age of 100. Because the average lifespan of an American in the year 2014 is only 80 years old. So you should probably start worrying about being dead 20 years earlier than you’re currently expecting. And as for your little brother? Well he’s gonna grow up too. There’s no escaping Father Time. Those smiles of joy as an infant will eventually turn into looks of stone cold depression when he grows up and has a job and a wife and kids and responsibility. He’s little and cute now but he’ll probably be overweight and balding and might even develop a nasty drinking habit to cope with the difficulty of reality.

But hey! Have a nice childhood! You don’t have to worry about all that stuff for a long time. But just remember – every single day – every single minute – you’re just inching closer towards death.