Don't Worry Charger Fans, This Could Be "The Best Decision Your Organization Has Ever Made"

According to Jay Glazer, Philip Rivers is no longer a Charger

An official statement hasn't been released at this point, but it's news that should really come as no surprise considering Rivers took everything he owned and moved to Florida "for his family." You don't make a move all the way across the country unless you know you've come to the end of the road - an ending I'm sure was insanely difficult to accept after spending 16 years with an organization. 

What does this mean for Rivers? Is he hanging up his cleats? Or will we see him in Bucs uniform shortly?

There are plenty of questions and unknowns at this moment and if you're a Chargers fan, I'm sure the emotions are all over the place. Maybe you're thrilled and wish they would've done this long ago? Maybe you're a little bummed and nostalgic but know it's for the best? Or maybe you received the news and had a total breakdown? Regardless of where you are, I'm sorry. This news should have come in a more thoughtful, respectful manner. You deserve better. Losing the face of your franchise isn't easy. For 16 years, through all the ups and downs, Rivers has been your guy. It's a shitty feeling to know next time you see your team on the field, #17 won't be there. Ever again. 

But it's time. 

And who knows, maybe you'll get lucky and the next guy who comes in alleviates that pain just a little bit...