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Another Awesome Kobe Story- That Time He Was So Intense During Practice His Teammates Had To Give Interviews About How To Handle Him

I'm just going to keep posting these stories as them come, so if it's too much I apologize. Gold tweeted this clip of The Corp with footage of the practice I mentioned it the title.

The story behind the practice is incredible. You may remember the reporting of it back in the day, which I posted below, but the video below that is even better. It's the unedited six minute version of the  entire thing. At 1:10 Kobe picks up his guy at half court, picks him, then loses his mind when the ref didn't call the back court violation fast enough. Keep in mind, this is a practice, presumably during the regular season. After that reporters interviewed Swaggy P who was visibly shaken. They also talked to Byron Scott who looked like he had seen a ghost. 

Here are the clips:

If all of us can bring one on hundredth of the intensity he had in that practice to our everyday lives we'll all be okay. Again, I could post a thousand of these types of videos and I want to, so I'm going to try and pick my spots. I just still can't believe it's real. 

For good measure here's one more of my favorite clips. It's when a young Kyrie Irving challenged Kobe to a game of one-on-one during a team USA practice. 

"You think I won't be able to dribble?" 

"It's going to be tough."