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Barstool's China Branch Is Closed Until Further Notice

SHANGHAI (Reuters) - The Shanghai government has said companies in the city are not allowed to resume operations before Feb. 9, an official at the municipality announced at a press conference on Monday.

The measure is applicable to government and private companies but is not applicable to utilities and some other firms such as medical equipment companies and pharmaceutical companies, the official said.

Shanghai is essentially closed until February 9th and that includes Barstool's China office AKA my apartment. The Shanghai Sharks season as well as my return flight to China have also been postponed indefinitely. It's important to note that unlike Wuhan, Shanghai is not on "lock down". Roads, train stations, and airports are still fully operational. Also important to note that Wuhan has not turned into a war zone. 

Death count has reached 81 but I still wouldn't say their is any reason to panic, especially for the majority of people reading this blog who are based in the US. People in China should definitely take the necessary precautions to stay safe.

In short, don't expect any China based videos from me anytime soon but be on the lookout for my Zimbabwe series premiering next Tuesday. Will try to keep you all up to the date on #coronavirus as the situation unfolds.