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Mike And The SoundBoard

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MikeAndTheSoundBoard.com courtesy of your boy @TheClemReport

Mike and the Sound boarrrrddddd…W, F-A-NNN!!!! The most comprehensive, up to date Mike Francesa soundboard you will find on the internet. Around the outside of the face you’ll find a lot of the classic Hall of Fame clips Mike has dropped over the years. “Andy Pettitte is a stahrting pitchah!” The Shake Shack potato bun. I like Inge a lot, Mick-looth. Al Albuquerque The Waituhseckints and the Get Lawsts etc etc. But there’s a few gems I had never heard that cracked me up. If you’re a fan of Francesa and appreciate just how absurd he is, these are gold:

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“I once met Secretariat”


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“We all thought about having sex with Mickey Mantle”

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“Which was the most stunning hawse I’ve ever seen to this day”

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::lawnmower noise::