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Guy With a Samurai Sword Was Arrested For Carrying it Around a Texas Old Folks Community

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laist – A man has been arrested after he scared some retirement community residents with a samurai sword. Donald Underdale of Seal Beach’s Leisure World retirement community said he was walking his dog around 7:30 p.m. Thursday when he noticed a man on a bicyle he believed to be stealing tools, ABC reports. Underdale said the man then pulled out a samurai sword and began chasing him: “When I finally said stop, he comes off of that bicycle and just calm as can be, he comes off of that bicycle and pulls that sword out and he comes running after me and he says, ‘What are you going to do now?'” Another resident, Terry Costa, said she saw the man flee on his bike: “He couldn’t have been too well in his head, because this day, nobody goes with a sword around.” Seal Beach police arrested the suspect, Jason Chad Johnson, later that evening. Police say Johnson is a transient and will be charged with brandishing a deadly weapon and residential burglary.


The guy who said the sword dude isn’t well in the head needs to get off his high horse, read a book, and try again. What are you going to do- not carry around a samurai sword? I would have done the exact same thing. When you have a samurai sword, you show off your samurai sword. Having a martial arts weapon as such shows you are in control of your life. Plus, they work really well to skin bodies defend yourself at home. I don’t even understand what the fuss is about in this story. Oh boo hoo, some guy wanted to show you his autographed sword and you freaked the fuck out? No wonder you’re in the looney bin/old people home. Just another waste of police time and tax payer money.