Sometimes There Truly Is Nothing Like Sports

Often times when there is tragedy in life, people turn to sports as an escape. Something to keep their mind off the hurt and pain of whatever is going on in their lives. For so many people sports provide that ever needed distraction. But that's the funny thing about sports. Sometimes they aren't just an escape, but the ultimate tribute. Sometimes things happen in sports that you can't really explain, where the probability is so outrageous you almost don't even want to believe it could be possible. That is what we got tonight with the performances from both Trae Young and Devin Booker.

By most accounts, Kobe Bryant was Trae Young's favorite player. He played a huge role in Devin Booker's life as well. So for them both to have insane nights while both only taking 24 shots is eerie. The fact that their point total combined for 81 points on a night like tonight is down right spooky. Trae was also 13/16 from the FT line which is....81%. It makes you feel like Kobe was smiling down on them doesn't it? I don't know how it couldn't. I know this is a random collection of stats that I'm sure you could manipulate in order to fit a story but I don't even care. This is why sports are just different.