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KFC Radio: Hot Dogs Are On The Grill, Who Wants Spicy Mustard!

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Big Cat eats 8 hot dogs every 24 hours. Feitelberg rehashes his story of his blacked out senior citizen threesome in New Orleans. And apparently I’m the only guy on the panel who likes blow jobs anymore. Its another All Star edition of KFC Radio to kill your Friday afternoon before kicking off another summer weekend.

Seriously though, this Big Cat hot dog shit is nuts. He makes 8 at a time. Eats 4 for dinner. 2 for a late night snack, and then has the last two THE NEXT DAY. Cold! For like a breakfast/morning snack. Thats fucking revolting. And I LOVE hot dogs. Greys Papaya dogs are one of my favorite foods on the planet. A slightly charred Ball Park in the summer with some Gulden’s Spicy Mustard is almost impossible to top in my mind. But I am not eating day old cold hot dogs. I’m just not doing it. Eating almost 50 hot dogs in 2 weeks is not healthy, and this is coming from a guy who ate 6 tempura Oreos last night for dessert.