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I'm Not Sure How Anyone Is Able To Play Basketball Right Now

I'm still shaking as I type this. To be honest I don't even really know how to process everything that has just happened in the last few minutes. Shock, disbelief, a feeling you get deep in your core that is truly unexplainable. With so many conflicting reports on Twitter you just don't know what to believe and the whole thing makes you beyond sick. With the timing of everything the NBA was in a tough spot with early afternoon games about to tip off so I can understand not cancelling those, even though there is not a person on the planet that wants to see basketball right now. Hopefully they are able to work something out with the rest of the games later today, figure all the schedule bullshit out later. It sounds like that stuff is still being worked out

Here's how to handle it. Cancel them. Everybody is going to understand. With Woj now reporting that one of his daughters was in fact on board, just cancel the rest of the basketball for today.