Introducing the Worst Place in The Universe


FoodBeast -Sneaking into the lower level of an UO location in (where else?) Manhattan, right next to the lomo cameras and Banksy books, the purported cold brew-swiller will open its Pinterest-ready-doors next Monday, reports New York blog Sprudge. They’ve partnered with Wisconsin’s Kickapoo Coffee Roasters to roll out a whole line of espressos, hot coffees, cold-brews, drips, and specialty pastries, all compiled by a dedicated barista staff – so no one need worry about any misguided temps mixing up their Costa Rican Blends with their Argentinian.

Slide over, Ethiopia. Your shit just got rocked. The new worst place on earth is the coffee bar in the American Outfitters in NYC. I don’t know what happens when unshowered hipsters sit around in their scarves and drink “Costa Rican Blends” in NYC, but I’m hoping it’s where the serbians are pointing their chemicals next.