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Movie Trailer Roundup - Mark Wahlberg, Steve Carell And More!

31. Spenser Confidential

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2. Horse Girl

Extremely misleading title, in my opinion!  This looks sort of spacey and took a really strange twist in the second half of the trailer. I'm kind about it. It stars Alison Brie (The Community) and Molly Shannon (SNL). Jeff Baena (Life after Beth) wrote and directed. 

3. The Rhythm Section (trailer #2)

This is a much, MUCH better trailer than the original trailer where you couldn't much grasp what was going on. Was it just murder? Partially music? We had no idea. This makes it clear WHAT the Rhythm Section is, and it looks like it has the chance to be decently entertaining! It stars Blake Lively (A Simple Favor), Jude Law (The Young Pope), Sterling K. Brown (This is Us) and more. Reed Morano (A Handmaid's tale) directed and Mark Burnell did the screenplay. 

4. Escape from Pretoria (trailer #2)

There isn't much new from the original trailer, so I'll reiterate. I LOVE, escape movies. Setting it in a South Africa just makes it all the more intriguing to me. Let's hope Brooks Koepka makes a cameo. It stars Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Ian Hart (Harry Potter) and Mark Leonard Winter (The Dressmaker). Francis Annan (The Longest Drive) wrote and directed. 

5. Vivarium 

2x guest of the pod Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Poots recently collabed on 'The Art of Self Defense' and it was fucking awesome. One of my favorite comedies of the year. This is obviously way more of a thriller, but I love this combination and their chemistry. Lorcan Finnegan (Without Name) wrote and directed. 

6. The Last Thing He Wanted

I can't totally figure out what is going on here. Hathaway is a reporter on Iran-Contra but also helping? I don't totally get it. It dropping in only a few weeks this early in the year makes me think it is not going to be very good. It stars Anne Hathaway (Les Mis), Ben Affleck (Boston), Willem Dafoe (ME LOBSTER!!!!!) Rosie Perez (White Men Can't Jump), and my handsome king Toby Jones. Dee Rees, who directed one of Netflix's best movies ever in 'Mudbound', is behind the camera and adapted the screenplay. 

7. Irresistible 

This looks like porn for blue-checkmark trump-repliers who crank off to the idea of converting swing voters. HARD fucking pass. It has a big cast including Steve Carell, Rose Byrne, MacKenzie Davis, Natasha Lyonne, Chris Cooper, Topher Grace and Debra Messing. I think Jon Stewart, who wrote and directed, is a pretty funny guy. This just does not look good.