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Remember When We Talked About Julianne Hough Leading A Cult? Well She Just Had An Exorcism Performed On Her

Raise your hand if you can remember a time when Julianne Hough wasn’t being a psycho on the internet? I think it was some time around when she was dating Brooks Laich. It seemed like they had the makings of a power couple and because she was so hot we all(including Brooks Laich) were just going to ignore the fact that she and her brother probably contributed this current generation of incest porn with their WAY too close relationship. Ever since then it’s been nothing but weirdo cult shit on the internet. Doesn’t matter if she has some middle aged man releasing the demons that are apparently living inside of her asshole or if she herself was preaching to an audience of thousands at a cult of her own.

With all of that being said I would LOVE to talk to Julianne. I love weird brains and especially weird brains that dablle in the super natural/religion. So this is an open invite, from one dancer to another, to come to the offices of Barstool Chicago for an interview/beef/conversion/dance