Your Daily Antonio Brown Update: Arrest Warrants, a 911 Call, Getting High and Throwing Rocks at a Truck Driver

Source - TMZ Sports has obtained the 911 call made during Antonio Brown's alleged altercation with a moving company driver ... and the alleged victim claims the NFL star was high, and making threats. ... 

AB is accused of throwing rocks at a moving truck outside of his Hollywood, Fla. home and assaulting the driver over a payment dispute.

In the call, the driver -- who has a thick accent -- claims AB smoked in front of him and was under the influence at the time of the incident.

"The guy is high, he smoked, he threatened me. He's trying to fight, he throws stones at my truck," the caller claims.

"I'm trying to make delivery to the gentleman. I called him and told him he has to pay the balance for us to unload ... The guy refused to pay in the proper form."

The call -- which lasted for roughly 30 minutes -- paints a wild scene outside of Brown's mansion.

The caller says Brown and the NFL star's friends fought him when he initially arrived because they didn't want to pay his drop-off fee ... and he said while he was driving away some 50 yards up the street to get away from them, Brown hurled rocks at his truck.

You can hear in the call, the driver eventually goes back to the home and receives $4,000 from Brown via the banking app Zelle ... but he tells dispatch Brown refused to pay an additional $800-plus for the damages he suffered.

The caller tells dispatch Brown was SUPER aggressive during the incident ... ripping his shirt and causing him bruising and an injured shoulder.

The caller also says Brown and his friends forcibly took his keys and opened the back of his truck ... and began "destroying" the contents -- some of which did not belong to AB.

Well, I guess one good thing to come out of the situation as it stands is that we know what that "active scene" outside Antonio Brown's house was the other day. And it's comforting to find out it wasn't him hold up inside the place, gun drawn, yelling through the door to the negotiator with the bullhorn that they're never gonna take him alive and firing a couple of shots over their heads to get his point across. 

Nope. Nothing of the sort. Just your garden variety situation where a millionaire refuses to pay a moving truck driver, hits the truck with a rock, roughs the guy up, rips his shirt and then starts vandalizing someone else's property. Pretty by the numbers, from the sound of things. Just another beautiful day in Mr. Brown's neighborhood.

As far as Mr. Big Chest goes, I asked rhetorically on Twitter if the fact he's now got a warrant out for his arrest and his behavior is getting more unstable by the day, if Pats fans still believe they'd be in the Super Bowl right now if it wasn't for the decision to release him. And a substantial number of people replied with "Yup." In fact, I'm shocked how many people still believe that. As if their locker room is such a utopia that it would've had a calming effect, even on a crackpot as unhinged as him. Like they've got harp music and waterfalls, plush bathrobes and non-sexual massages with hot rocks that would've given him a Zen inner peace. And he would've kept his craziness at bay for the last five months and have 1,500 yards receiving by now. 

With all due respect to my people, you keep telling yourself that. It's just a locker room. And only as stable as the people you put in it. If Brown didn't go off the rails when he did, he would've gone off the rails shortly thereafter. And that would be some Foxboro moving truck driver getting rocks thrown at him and getting his shirt torn apart. 

Frankly until the Hollywood PD finally haul him in, I don't know what else to say. So I'll just go with this video of Gilbert Gottfried roasting Roseanne that a buddy of mine texted me. A buddy who once introduced me to Gilbert at the NYC Friar's Club, which was a dream come true because he's a national treasure. His "Rozilla" bit makes a lot more sense than anything AB is doing.