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3 Different Open Bar Packages Starting At 2pm Tomorrow For USA vs. Belgium At Saloon

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This is it, folks. Sweet 16. Elimination round is here. We’ve won, we’ve lost, we’ve tied. We’ve seen it all in Group Play and now its on to face Belgium, wherever the fuck that is. Belgium/Dutch/Netherlands/Holland are all the same shit to me. No idea what’s what over there. So to be honest I don’t even know who we’re facing tomorrow, I just know I’m gonna get drunk and watch the USA win.

The doors to Saloon open tomorrow at 2pm. So considering its 4th of July week and a lot of people are taking off or mailing it in, I say you find a way to get there as earlier as possible tomorrow afternoon. We have three open bar packages:

1) $50 unlimited premium open bar from 2pm through the final whistle of the game.

2) $40 unlimited premium open bar from 3pm through the final whistle of the game.

3) $30 open bar from game time, 4pm, through the final whistle.

When we say final whistle, thats what we mean. So all that injury time and stoppage time. All through any potential overtime. All through any possible PK situation. We’re drinking unlimited booze until the game ends.