This Dude With A Controller In The Stands Is Determined To Bring Back The NCAA Basketball Video Game

Fuck it, I love this kid. Oh you think it's easy to go there and see your Utah State Aggies, one of the biggest disappointments in the country take on Air Force? No you gotta do something to help jumpstart the team and if that's perhaps having a few too many daddy sodas and bringing your own controller to the game then so be it. And you know what? It fucking worked. Utah State lost at Air Force, beats them 72-47 at home. 

Speaking of this though, I'm dying for NCAA Basketball to come back. It was such a great game. However, the best college hoops game was Fox Sports College Hoops for N64. 

I need to know more about this kid though. Did he pull this move the entire game? I really hope he did. I wish he took it serious too. Called timeouts, hit the B button for the spin move. Give me all that shit.