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Remember How Memphis Screamed They Wanted 'ALL THE SMOKE' In The Preseason? Yeah, About That ...

That was Penny in May. Hell, this was Penny at Midnight Madness: 

He and all of Memphis screamed about wanting the smoke. They were ready for it. Let's take a quick gander at that smoke: 

Oh. I guess the smoke is heavy in Tulsa. I mean it's not like ANYONE can just go into Tulsa and lose by 40. That's asking far too much for Memphis. Not everyone is Arkansas State, who came into Tulsa and got a win. I wonder if they wanted the smoke too. 

And I know they lost James Wiseman. Guess what? They still have a ton of talent. They still have NBA talent in Precious Achiuwa and DJ Jeffries. No excuse to lose by 40 at Tulsa, unless the smoke got too heavy. I tried warning you. I tried warning Penny, who I actually think is going to be a better coach than he'll ever get credit for, don't guarantee a title. Don't say you want all the smoke. Just try to make the NCAA Tournament first. Maybe get a quality win that's better than NC State on a neutral court or Cincinnati at home - two teams that aren't locks for the NCAA Tournament. Again, just suggestions when you ask for all the smoke.