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World Cup Fan Orders $7,600 Worth Of Delivery From England To Brazil

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 11.49.29 PMScreen Shot 2014-06-25 at 11.49.40 PM - A FOOTBALL fan visiting Brazil for the World Cup has paid more than $A7600 to have traditional Indian curries flown over from England. The Worthing Herald reports that Chilcha, an Indian restaurant in Sussex, received an order by Mustafa Azim, the director of an aircraft salvage company. He ordered dishes for 12 of his colleagues in Brazil for the World Cup. The owner of Chilcha, Mohammed Wahid was surprised when he received the order. “I thought he was making a joke. I couldn’t believe it. In the beginning it was a little bit funny for me. I said how can this happen?” he told the Worthing Herald. But Mr Wahid was a lucky man, raking in more than $A7600 for the order. Broken down, this included $A2176 for the curry, $A3263 for the return flight to Brazil, $A1813 for a chartered flight to Shoreham to collect the takeaway, and $A362 in hire-car and hotel costs. Mr Azim, owner of aircraft company Imperial Air Salvage first became aware of the Indian restaurant when he worked on Tom Cruise’s latest blockbuster The Edge of Tomorrow, providing planes to be blown up on set. He said that Chilcha Indian catered at Warner Bros. Studios. “It was definitely good quality. It just tasted really nice,” he told the Worthing Herald. Mr Azim lives and works in Bangladesh, and said that there wasn’t a single restaurant in Brazil that made the traditional fish curry dishes.

Power move! This Third World country doesn’t have the food I like so I’ll just get it delivered from 6,000 miles away. I mean I’m sure Brazil can satisfy you in just about every other way right now if you’re down at the World Cup. The women, the beaches, the drugs, the partying. But unless you enjoy shaving slices off a hunk of meat on to your plate and shitting yourself uncontrollably like in Bridesmaids, Brazilian food probably isn’t too ideal. So just buck up and have your shit delivered from home. Thats

Obviously I wouldn’t be going with this curry shit either. Probably just as bad as the Brazilian food. If I’m down in Brazil I’m just ordering about $3,000 of good, real American pizza. Just have hundreds upon hundreds of slices of good old cheese pizza as I party at Copacabana Beach. Passing out slices to all the Third Worlders like I was John D. Rockerfeller or something. (After cutting the slices in half like I was at a 3rd grade pizza party, of course) Seriously if you partied with real pizza in Brazil right now you might become king. It would be like me and Mike In Brazil just dominating their country.