If You Disagree With These Suspensions From The Kansas/Kansas State Melee You Deserve To Get Hit With A Stool

We all know what happened now, I mean you are reading this on the Internet. But just to be sure, here's what happened last night: 

Ever since this went down, there's been a take by morons. Silvio De Sousa should be suspended for life! He should have his scholarship revoked! He should be hit with criminal charges! Uhh, what? For what exactly? Thinking about assaulting someone with a stool and then not? Just a reminder that Yancy Gates got suspended 6 games for this: 

I have absolutely no problem with the 12 game suspension for De Sousa. He got an additional 4 games essentially for picking up the stool. That's fine. But get the fuck outta here if you think he should have his scholarship revoked or should be suspended for life. You're probably the same person who complains when teams laugh it up saying 'back in the 90s and physical play.' It was a melee. Big fucking deal, it happens in every sport. 

12 games puts De Sousa back at the end of the regular season. That's the perfect amount if you ask me. Stop clutching pearls that you think he should be hit with criminal charges or anything. Same goes for the Kansas State guys. I can't believe the Big 12/anyone associated with the NCAA used logic here. It's the biggest upset of the year.