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So Aaron Rodgers is an Atheist All of a Sudden

Well now here's something you don't hear every day. 

Obviously the NFL is teeming with deeply devout people who wear their faith on their sleeves. You can't swing Mike Vrable's still attached penis in a locker room without hitting a player praising his deity and giving all the glory to him. Hell we saw it just a few days ago from an owner:

In his whole NFL career, Tim Tebow only made one memorable connection that wasn't to Jesus:

… and if I remember right, he thanked his Savior for making Dick LeBeau call for Cover-0 on that first play of overtime. 

But really, the last time I can remember a true Franchise Quarterback talking so openly about his god was after Super Bowl 50 when Peyton Manning thanked Papa John and Budweiser. 

So this is a bold move by Aaron Rodgers. One that won't sit well with a lot of people. 

Believe me, I'm way too mediocre a Catholic to judge anyone else's religious beliefs. First because there is no more fundamental freedom than that. It separates this country from the messed up theocracies our ancestors fled. But also because while I'm a believer now, I've had my own crises of faith in the past. Moments where I wondered why the God from the New Testament would allow suffering in the world. Or that time I questioned why an all-loving, all-powerful being would have allowed me to rent "Freddy Got Fingered." 

I suppose I could pick nits about Rodgers totally changing his beliefs at the age of 36, when most people have figured it out. But I won't because I respect Rodgers' candor and feel strongly that one should never stop questioning your beliefs. Even Socrates - a big God Guy - said "the unexamined life is not worth living." So good for Aaron Rodgers that he has the courage to go public with his personal religious thoughts. 

All I hope, for his sake, is that this is the result of a lot of deep introspection and not just an emotional reaction. A lot of times you hear about someone who suffers a tragedy and then denounces the god they feel abandoned them in their hour of need. I'm talking about people who lost a loved one or all their worldly possessions and turn their back on their faith. I mean, I can understand it. I'd just hate to think that losing to San Francisco, getting shut out in the first half with four punts and two turnovers, and dropping his career record in NFC championships to 1-3 is enough for a formerly devout guy to risk having his soul burn for eternity. 

This might be a little too late, but God bless, Aaron Rodgers. You're in our prayers.