If Lavar Ball Wants To Speak His Three Sons Ending Up On The Knicks Into Existence, I'm Not Going To Stop Him

BIG BALLERSSSSSS, MOUNT UP!!! Is the Big Baller Brand even a thing anymore? Actually it doesn't matter because even if BBB is RIP, it will rise from the ashes like a phoenix once all three Ball brothers are playing in Madison Square Garden located in the middle of the marketing/fashion/financial capital of the world. 

I know this plan requires the Knicks to have good fortune for once by landing a high pick in the lottery and there are hordes of fans that was no part of either LaMelo Ball shooting from half court, Lonzo Ball shooting from pretty much anywhere, LiAngelo shooting his shot at girls court side while cashing checks as an overpriced 12th man, and/or Lavar shooting quotes directly onto the back page of New York newspapers. I also have never had any interest in putting Mark Jackson back on the Knicks payroll as a coach because the Warriors went from good to all-time great once he got fired and because fuck the Pacers. 

But Lavar talked Lonzo onto the Lakers once upon a time and at this point I'll take the entertainment that comes along with the Ball family over the current state of meh. I've realized as long as James Dolan owns the team, nothing truly good will happen to this team. I don't know if it's because of the bad juju that comes from that frumpy fuck or the awful people he hires to run this team into the ground. However, I'd rather root for a fun bad team than an irrelevant bad team. I say that as a blogger and as a fan. I've already had to watch Ja Morant perform at a level I wasn't sure he was capable of this early in his career, with this highlight being the exclamation point to cap his start.

Tonight I have to deal with watching this freak of nature reminding me what could have been if a couple of ping pong balls weren't such assholes.

So yeah, give me the two talented brothers along with the Fredo (no offense to any Italian Americans reading this), the loudmouth dad, and the coach we aren't sure can actually coach over this slow continued march to basketball irrelevance.