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Georgetown Family Buys A Huge Playscape For 3-Year-Old Son With Terminal Illness, Neighbors File Lawsuit For $100,000


GEORGETOWN, Texas (KXAN) — A Georgetown family faces a lawsuit over a playscape they built on their property. Their next-door neighbors filed the suit, claiming the structure was not built with the proper approval.

When 3-year-old Colton Costa learned he could pick out which playscape his parents would buy, he went for the largest one — with the most slides.

“We’re trying to live in the now because the future is very scary with this kind of diagnosis,” said Colton’s mother, Kim Costa.

Colton was born with Hurler’s syndrome: a genetic disorder in cells, tissue and organs. There is no cure.

“So, to see him get to run around and play and be as mobile as he is right now when he can be, you better believe we want to see it. We want him to be active and enjoy his life,” Costa said.

Their next-door neighbors — Richard and Carole Gottleib — filed a lawsuit claiming the playscape cannot be properly be screened from view. At 14 feet high — it’s too tall. The Gottleibs say it violates HOA restrictions. They want the playscape taken down and their legal fees paid. Through their lawyer, the couple declined to comment.

I'm speechless. I don't even know what to say other than these neighbors are absolute scumbags. I couldn't even imagine going through all that trouble over a god damn jungle gym. It doesn't negatively affect their lives at all. At all. This is the cookie-cutter definition of a shitty neighbor. They often make everything about themselves and are constantly nosing into everyone else's business. I had a professor in college who would literally call the cops on any car he saw in his neighborhood that he didn't recognize. These types of people are just wired differently but even that is nowhere near the level of scumbaggery the Gottleibs' are pulling here.

Colton's mother, Kim, was able to share a few more details about the whole situation in her Facebook post:

This post paints us the whole picture. The Gottliebs' are just assholes just trying to make mountains out of molehills.

"They know Colton’s story. They know what our family has been through. They know he had a bone marrow transplant and has a terminal illness."

That's gotta be the worst part of this whole debacle, they knew of Colton and his battle with this illness. That was maybe the only thing that could've helped save face at least a little bit for the Gottliebs'. But no, they knew about his terminal illness and instead of maybe just talking it out with one and other, it turns into a big legal battle. 

Regardless of illness, it's still just a shitty move as a human being for suing someone else for a large amount of money over a choice they made in their own life, for their own home.$100,000 lawsuit because of an "eyesore". Can you imagine being that deranged, that out of touch with reality that you're trying to sue your neighbors over a couple of slides? It's preposterous. All the playset does is make little Colton happy. It doesn't hurt anyone, it's not gonna be an issue but people can't have nice things anymore.

All we can hope for is the case to be dropped and the whole thing to be over with so that Colton's family doesn't have to deal with all this legal trouble in this very, very stressful time.