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Some Lunatics Stole 92 Beehives And Now Have Angry Beekeepers And The Police Looking For Them

According to the SFGate someone stole close to 100 beehives from an orchard in Northern California. The beekeeper owner of 'Pottsy’s Pollination' Mike Potts is not real happy about the theft. 

“It’s hard enough keeping the bees alive without someone stealing them. It’s frustrating ...I would like to catch them, and I think a lot of the beekeepers out here, they’re looking for them too,” - Potts

What an insanely brazen robbery. Some guy or guys, I'm assuming a woman wouldn't be stupid enough to do this, got hopefully dressed up in beekeeper suits, snuck onto Potts' orchard with what Potts assumes is a flat bed truck and hauled off like a billion bees. Now the criminal not only has Johnny Law after him/them but a bunch of local beekeepers.  

Getting the cops off their tail will be easy...

The beekeepers are a different story though.The only thing angrier than a group of pissed off bees, is a group of pissed off beekeepers. I would rather have a group of most other professions after me than people that keep bees for a living.  The thieves are going to have a constant ringing in their ears from the bees they stole and the lumps they are going to take from what I assume are some of the tougher people on the planet. 

It would be great to see a mugshot with someone with a very swollen face from bee stings though.

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