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You Need To Email To Be On The List For Tonight's Rangers Game 5 Open Bar Watch Party

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So tonight we’re expecting a pretty big turnout at Saloon. Rangers building a little momentum off their Game 4 win mixed with their usual Friday night is a recipe for a great crowd. In order to get a feel for how many bartenders and shot girls they’re gonna need and shit, Saloon wants to get a gauge from the Stoolie crowd. So if you’re planning on coming tonight, just shoot a quick email with your name and the name of your friends that will be coming by. If you’re on that list you’re guaranteed entry.

And just when you thought the open bar situation couldn’t get any better, they’re offering a second option for unlimited drinks. We’re still keeping the $30 all you can drink from puck drop to final whistle, but if you get there at 7 and want to start the open bar then, its just another 10 bucks. So, if you plan on having like 2 beers during that hour, its better to just add 10 bucks and another hour of unlimited booze. When its all said and done, you’re basically drinking all you want for 10 bucks per hour. And if there’s any extra periods its the cheapest night of drinking you can imagine.

So to sum it all up:

$30 all you can drink for duration of the game, $40 if you want to start the open bar at 7. 

Email to get on the list for entry

$3 Fireball shots during specific points throughout the game. Three fucking dollars. 

Tables first come first serve

$11 bar food sampler platter with wings, fingers, sticks, and spring rolls. 

Saloon 84th and York