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Dude Cancels His World Cup Trip Because Brazil Is So Dangerous

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SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) World Cup excitement is growing and so are the riots. Brazil has been plagued by them for weeks, even though more than a half million people are expected to be there for the games. The violence is keeping one South Bay man home. Reza Sadeghi is watching online feeds of the riots in Brazil. Some of the violence is hard to watch. Sadeghi said, “You couldn’t convince me that the country is secure enough for me to go.” The 41-year-old father was supposed to go to the World Cup for 12 days. It would have been a dream for the former college soccer player since he had planned to spend $25,000 for the chance to go to six games. Sadeghi lost his $5,000 deposit, since cancelling his trip because of safety concerns. Sadeghi said, “The chance of being kidnapped or God knows what could happen… and the other thing is you don’t want to be in a country where the people are not happy about you being there.” Many in Brazil are angry the government spent $11 billion on the World Cup. That’s not stopping hundreds of thousands of soccer fans from going to Brazil. The government has 157,000 troops and police on the ground to protect them.

A couple days ago on the Rundown I posed this question. Are there any white American people who are actually considering going to the World Cup as a fan? Obviously all the players and journalists and shit don’t have a choice. And the locals are there because they’re just used to living in the Third World. But are there normal people going all the way down to Brazil and risking being kidnapped or robbed or killed or just dealing with the general chaos surrounding the World Cup? I guess here’s your answer. California dude just scrapping his entire plan to hit the World Cup. Losing 5 grand because its just not worth it. And he’s not even just a normal white guy! He’s something a little ethnic and even he’s still scared as fuck.

Especially considering how most people like watching games at home now anyway. I mean I don’t even head over to the scrapyards outside of Citi Field for the Mets. You think I’d ever consider going down to motherfucking Brazil when the craziest, poorest soccer hooligans in the world are causing mayhem? You’d have to give me $100,000 to even think about it.