Jonathan Quick Came Into The Rangers Dining Room Tonight & Sat At The Head Of The Table


What’s there to say? While the Kings were beating Hank on three goals off his teammates that were virtually impossible to adjust to, Jonathan Quick was actually DOING the impossible. Whether he saw the puck or not…whether he was out of position and all he had left was the paddle of his stick…he was a world-beater tonight. After Jeff Carter’s goal with under a tick left on the clock in the first, the Rangers came out and threw everything they could at Quick for the final 40. Despite a 28-10 shots advantage, NY couldn’t do what the Kings do seemingly at will – score a big goal.

This is what I was afraid of. Games 1 & 2 might’ve been the best chances the Rangers had at winning early. The Kings didn’t have their A-game either time, but the Blueshirts couldn’t capitalize. Tonight, led by Quick, LA put the clamps on & the Rangers seemingly never had a chance despite double the shots. Careless penalties & their joke of a power play sure as shit didn’t help – but for the first time this series, the Kings played like the favorites they were before the series started. They made some of their own luck & cashed in like champions do while the Rangers continued to live in Almost City & couldn’t do anything to phase LA. It’ll take nothing short of a miracle to pull off 4 straight – but at this point, the Blueshirts need to leave every ounce of pride and guts on the rink Wednesday night just to avoid a sweep in their own building.