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Unbelievable One Handed 360 Alley Oop Dunk With An A+ Celebration In The Crowd

Youtube – Kwe’Shaun Parker throws down a crazy pre-game dunk at Diamond Day 2014! He is a 6’2 guard, set to graduate high school in 2016.

This was #1 on SportsCenter’s top 10. Just a ridiculous filthy dunk. One handed. 360. Windmill. Dunk had it all. But what really stole the show was this guy:

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 12.03.30 PM


Just up and left the gym. Marched out of there with a Sherman Hemsley strut. Tupac Walked out of the joint. Out of all the ridiculous celebrations black people do during dunk contests my favorite is when they just leave the premises. Like that dunk was so fucking impressive that cannot even be in the same vicinity as the dude who just threw it down.