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NFL Ditching Roman Numerals Just For Super Bowl 50

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USA Today Roman numerals will be taking a one-year break from the Super Bowl. Due to concerns over using a sole “L” for the 50th Super Bowl logo, the 2016 NFL championship will be known as Super Bowl 50. The league has used a Roman numeral to denote every title game since Super Bowl V. The news was first reported by ESPN’s Darren Rovell. The change will only be temporary, however. Starting in 2017, Roman numerals are back for Super Bowl LI.

Most asinine fucking tradition in all of sports is counting the Super Bowl with Roman numerals. So goddam pointless. All it does is make it impossible to figure out what fucking Super Bowl you’re talking about. And I love its because they were worried about using a single “L” for the design. Thats the main concern – not the fact that we’re using a number system comprised of letters that hasn’t been legitimately used in like 2000 years. I mean why don’t we just use hieroglyphics? Or perhaps some fucking Cuneiform? I’ll break out my Rosetta Stone to figure out which Super Bowl we’re talking about. Should get rid of it forever and just use the actual, modern world, year like the rest of anything we keep track of.