Lets Fight Off This Monday Morning Together

Look, I know a bunch of us are hurting right now after the weekend that was filled with awesome sports. You may have ate too much, drank too much, stayed up wayyyy too late, and done some awful stuff you regret. Which is why I threw that video at the top of the blog. That crazy fucker getting launched into orbit and becoming a human helicopter before his feet of fury chopped some wood in half may be the exact energy you need to turn this Monday morning around as all the choices of the weekend come home to roost and the reality of only one more football game being left sets in.

Orrrrr you can tell me to go F myself because nothing on God's green Earth outside of a gallon of coffee laced with greenies from an 80s MLB clubhouse is going to turn around your day. If that's the case you should sit back, relax, and watch Bruce Lee's only real fight ever recorded followed by a perfect run by Ryu in Street Fighter II followed by whatever YouTube rabbit hole you want to venture down next and hope 5 pm gets here ASAP. Lets get through this together, everyone.