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It's Destiny. Andy Reid Deserves To Coach Super Bowl LIV In A Hawaiian Shirt

Everything in life happens for a reason. This universe we live in is so beautifully chaotic and random, yet everything seems to be tied together all at the same time. And everything that has happened in this universe until this point has led up to this moment right here and this moment right now. 

Andy Reid is going back to the Super Bowl and I'll be goddamned if this majestical beast does't get to be the most comfortable man on planet Earth in a couple Sundays from now. 

I wrote about this before the AFC Championship game and even I couldn't mush the Chiefs's destiny of battling for the Lombardi Trophy. Typically the way we see the world work, I hit "publish" on that blog and all of a sudden Andy Reid immediately goes into this 61st trip around the sun without winning a Super Bowl as a head coach. But not this time. This time? This time belongs to Andy. 

This man has the most amount of wins out of any NFL head coach without a championship. He's only been to the Super Bowl once in his career and who knows if he'll ever have the chance to make it back. This could be the final chance to Andy Reid to finally get those gloriously greasy paws of his on the Lombardi. So for the love of god and the love of ordering 3 steaks at dinner, let Andy Reid do this with the ultimate style and the ultimate comfort. 

Oh, and about that pesky little rule the NFL has about forcing their coaches to wear team-branded apparel on the sidelines during games? Well it looks like Andy is covered here. 

It's going to be warm in Miami. Let the man let loose a little. Don't force him to end up being all sweaty on what could very likely be the single greatest moment of his career. Maybe I'd see the NFL wanting him to wear his standard gear if this Super Bowl were in Minnesota or something (like the Super Bowl when the Philadelphia Eagles men's professional football team won). But Miami? Let Andy live and make sure there's a steak waiting for him in the locker room to get that post-game celly really popping off. Just make sure Mahomes doesn't have a chance to ruin it with ketchup before Andy gets in there.