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How Are YOU Getting Ready For NFL Sunday? Conference Championship Sunday is Here.

We’ve made it. Championship Sunday. In 12 hours, we will have our Super Bowl LIV matchup set in stone. Four teams enter today, two teams will survive. For the first time in a few years, both the Packers and 49ers are back in the NFC Title game, and Mr. Commenter has announced which way he is leaning for tonight’s contest:

This is a rather surprising move, simply based off the fact that Mr. Commenter is an OWNER of the Packers. And now he’s betting against them?! WTF!!! The reasoning does make sense, though.

How are the AWL’s getting ready for today’s Super Bowl play-in games?

What a documentary that was.

This is as true of a statement as they’ll come. The only question I have is do we think Andy Reid has ever attempted to make a Tik Tok?

No. 12 always gets those defenses to jump. A good one here.

A little refresher on European history on this Sunday morning. Stay out of the way of Tractorcito.