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Boy The Celtics Sure Do Stink Out Loud Right Now

Jesus Christ this team is taking years off my life. Every single night it's another kick right to the dick and another embarrassing loss in impossible fashion. Now losers of 6 of their last 8, four of those losses are against teams under .500 and three of them have come on the Celtics home floor. We've now transitioned from a mad mid season stretch to a full blown disaster. All the good this team built in the first 35ish games is quickly unravelling because it doesn't matter if you're the historic Bucks or the 6 game under .500 Suns if you play the Celtics they are going to make you look like world beaters. Over 120 points allowed by this defense in back to back games and 116 if you want to include the Pistons loss. That's absolutely pathetic. 

Of course it was another slow shooting night to start this game, the Celtics came out hot with a 1-8 start, got down 12-3 in two minutes and that was that. You know, the same exact shit they've been doing for this entire month. They are losing games in the first two minutes because they are incapable of starting a game with a pulse. In fact, Devin Booker scored to make it 4-3 with 10 minutes left in the first quarter and the Celtics never even tied it for the rest of the game. Then we had to deal with Gordon Hayward missing every shot to start, Tatum starting slow as well, and all we had to carry us was Marcus Smart going nuts and making 11 threes. ELEVEN!! 

The fact that this team wasted this historic night and blew a game in which Smart made 11 threes is something I will never forgive them for. The final lines looked OK, Tatum had 26/10, Hayward 22/7/7 and Smart 37/5/8/4 but their shooting woes continued to bury them before they could even get their footing. The way Hayward started that game was rough, he was missing pretty much everything again. Then when Tatum also struggles and there's no bench scoring, it's the same old story. It also didn't help that in the one opportunity the Celts maybe had a little life left, this happened

Talk about adding fuel to the fire. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that's a layup you have to make. Doesn't matter what your salary is, if you are in the NBA that's gotta go down. What you aren't supposed to do is pull a 2009 Finals Courtney Lee. I will say the way Smart handled that situation is why I will die for that man, but woof that was bad.

Don't even want to hear about Kemba and Jaylen not playing. This team is playing sackless basketball and they are embarrassing themselves and every last one of us that watches them. Good news is LeBron and the Lakers comes to town on Monday. Should be fun.