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Is Today One Of The Craziest Days In Boston History?





(AP)Sports championships aren’t rare in Boston anymore, and security officials are drawing on what went right — and wrong — during recent victory celebrations as the Red Sox look to claim another title. The Red Sox return to Fenway Park on Wednesday needing one win in the next two games against the St. Louis Cardinals to win their third World Series since 2004. Meanwhile, police are also dealing with a visit by President Obama, who’s stopping in town hours earlier Wednesday to discuss his health care reform. City officials on Tuesday said they’re confident both events will go off smoothly. But they’re tightening parking restrictions, increasing police presence and asking the public to help unclog streets and keep any Red Sox victory celebrations safe. “We’ve had a lot of great success. … We’ve had some challenges and some tragedies,” said Boston Police Superintendent-in-chief Daniel Linsky. “We’re hoping that fans have grown and got accustomed to the championships, and we’re hoping that they realize that there’s no reason to destroy property to celebrate a sports victory.” The mayor said he’ll be asking businesses in downtown Boston to relieve congestion by letting workers go home by 4 p.m. City staff has asked local bar owners to pull outside displays by the fifth inning and cover windows so crowds don’t gather outside to watch their TVs.



I’m obviously not counting shit like the Boston Tea Party, Boston Massacre or Marathon Bombing. Excluding tragedies or war, is today the craziest day in Boston history? I mean we have the World Series, the President, and Drake in town. Those are legitimately the three biggest things in the country right now. We’ve got the mayor deciding that no one needs to work a full day because the streets will be too crazy. He’s saying bars can’t let people see inside because crowds will gather just to watch the TV through the window like it’s the 1950’s. He’s shut down almost 50 streets throughout the city! At 4 PM it becomes borderline Martial Law out there. I mean I just went outside to grab some food and there are people in Sox tshirts already in bars. The madness is slowly beginning and it’s before noon.


It’s just one of those days where you can just taste it out there. The second you step outside, you know something big is on the horizon. You can feel it in your gut every times you see someone with a B on their hat. Your heart drops whenever you see Victorino on the side of a trash barrel. There’s a good chance today will be the first time the World Series is clinched in Boston in almost 100 years and you get to be a part of it. It’s the kind of day you tell your grandkids about. And, it’s the kind of day that sincerely makes you feel bad for people from everywhere else. It’s not just the sports domination, it’s the fact that America is in Boston right now. What went on in North Dakota today? Oh, sounds fun. But baseball, the president and one of the biggest musical artists in the world are in Boston. Today we live up to our name and we truly are The Hub.