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Update: Obviously Pres Was Wrong About The Smoke In Red Getting Taken To A World Series Game

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So this morning Pres wrote up an article about how his “Take a smoke to the World Series instead of your buddy” theory was perfectly displayed last night with these two. One problem: he was completely wrong. How do I know that? Because that’s Natalie Buck, Joe Buck’s daughter, and she just told me. Natalie doesn’t get taken to games, she brings her friends and decided to take Matt Damon from The Talented Mr. Ripley last night. So it looks like I’m still right, taking your buddy to the World Series is the play.



And as a side note, do you think Natalie Buck is the perfect girlfriend? I mean I was in love with her last night and I didn’t even know who she was. Now that I know she’d be a good time to watch sports with, since she’s probably more knowledgeable than me, and has tickets out the wahzoo, she may be my number 1 girl in the world. I’m talking head over heels in love. Laadyyyy in redddddddddd.




PS – What is this guy talking about? How did I shame Natalie by calling her attractive? Pretty sure that’s a compliment and girls like that. I’ll say it again, Natalie Buck is a very attractive girl. Deal with it, CM Houston, you putz.


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