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NYC Department Of Education In Trouble For Sending Letters Home Calling Kids Fat

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NY Post – Gwendolyn Williams is a pencil-thin, bubbly 9-year-old who is a perfectly healthy third-grader. But according to city bureaucrats, she’s practically obese. “I was like, ‘Oh, my God! Why did I get this?’” the Staten Island kid recalled Thursday after getting a Department of Education-issued “Fitnessgram” that described her Body Mass Index as “overweight.”  “I’m 4-foot-1, and 66 pounds, and I’m like, what?!” Gwendolyn exclaimed of the school handout, which the city is sending home in the bookbags of 870,000 public school students, grades K through 12. The kids, who were weighed and measured back in November, are told not to look. But the Fitnessgrams are sealed with only a small, easily replaced round sticker — and peeking is rampant, parents complain, with devastating effects on kids’ self-esteem. Gwendolyn’s mom, Laura Bruij Williams of Port Richmond, says she found out about her daughter’s Fitnessgram Wednesday night, as she was tucking the girl in for the night. “She said, ‘Hey, Mom. The school told me I’m overweight.’ And then she started jiggling her thighs, and saying, ‘Is this what they mean?’” “That was heartbreaking,” said the stay-at-home mom of two. The next morning, Williams sought out Gwendolyn’s principal at PS 29. “She was sympathetic, but said the kids weren’t supposed to open it. My response is, they’re kids. How can you believe they’re not going to open it?” Williams said.

Hey Gwendolyn maybe you should spend less time crying to your mom and more time not being so fat? How about that for an idea. You’re Skinny Fat now and eventually you’ll just be plain fat fat. 4′ 66 pounds and next thing you know you’re gonna be 5’5 and a buck seventy five.

Self Awareness is the single most important thing in this world so I, for one, am down with the Department of Education calling kids out for being fat. You call it Fat Shaming, I call it honesty. The only reason to not be fat is because people make fun of you for it. So if nobody makes fun of you for it or calls you out, everyone would just be fat. When all the parents out there are too afraid and too soft to tell their kids to lose some fucking weight, thats when the school has gotta step up. Telling Gwendolyn she needs to shed some pounds is probably the most helpful thing her school can do.