Did People Know Jonny Gomes Had A Heart Attack In 2002 And Didn't Go To The Doctor?

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I had totally forgotten about this until someone tweeted it at me last night but it could not be more perfect. Of course Jonny Gomes had a heart attack and didn’t go to the doctor for over a day, of course he did. That’s why Jonny Gomes is the perfect locker room guy, his actual never say die attitude. Doesn’t matter if he’s in the middle of a heart attack or if the Sox just got fucked by the umps and are down 2-1 in a crucial Game 3. He’s not worried. Doesn’t matter the situation, he’s got a job to do and god dammit it’s going to get done. Be it something as small as participate in Christmas festivities or hit a game winning 3 run home run in the World Series, he’s going to do it. That’s why he’s time tested, battle tested. Because it’s time to put your hard hat on. It’s boy’s club, men’s league, time to go to work. Heart attack be damned!

Almost as heroic as when Pres went to the hospital with a heart attack from walking up a flight of stairs at the movies which turned out to be a pulled muscle in his chest.  Almost…