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Standing Room Only At The Dolphins Game Yesterday



Miami is the worst sports city in the world, fact. Even Jacksonville thinks Miami is embarrassing at this point. Nobody showed up yesterday for the divisional game between the Bills and Dolphins. So what if the game was between Thad Lewis and Ryan Tannehill? The Raiders play in a fucking baseball stadium in the middle of Oakland where a fan is killed on weekly basis and still draw better crowds than Miami. In Oakland you legitimately know if you go to the game and say hello to the wrong wrong person you’ll end up with a knife in your throat. But it doesn’t matter, they still pack the house. Miami just stinks. It doesn’t matter the dolphins entered the game with an above .500 record. But I guess that’s because Miami is a basketball town. They LOVE their basketball there, ride or die with their Miami Heat.



PS: Sucks for the dolphins that the marlins owner swindled so much money out of Miami taxpayers to build his tragedy of a stadium, cause now the dolphins will never get a new home. Jeff Loria not only has run his own team into the ground, but is such a dickhead he is now affecting the Dolphins. That takes some real talent.

PPS: This was the crowd at a Florida Panthers preseason game. By comparison, the Caps drew 17,000 fans for their preseason games.